Since 2003, Aaron has directed and shot a diverse array of projects for major brands and publications, including Pepsi, RAM, BMW, Target, Sony, Verizon, The Huffington Post, and MTV. He's also been the cinematographer, photographer, and/or technical advisor for a number of features and short films. 

Over the years he gravitated toward projects that gave him experience with specialized technologies like motion control, stop animation, depth capture, virtual reality, and 3D printing—all of which were hugely appealing for Aaron as a lifelong tinkerer and gadget head. 

In 2015, Aaron got his first taste of the production side of VR and by 2016 he was traveling around the world with Google on projects for their Jump and Expeditions programs. 

Aaron has developed a number of stereoscopic camera rigs designed for VR and first-person perspectives and is currently building out a camera system and production workflow for his company Borderland VR.

He is represented by Greencard Pictures.