I might be a man of few words. Definitely not a bullshit artist.

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, building forts and keeping myself occupied with Legos and Contrux, then projects in my dad's wood shop out back. It's where I fell in love with making things, fixing them, figuring out how they worked.

I think you can see that influence in the projects I gravitate towards. I like working with specialized tech like motion control, stop animation, depth capture, and 3D printing. I really love getting my hands dirty on tabletop projects, which let me work with physical objects and manipulate time, light, and space in a very appealing way.

I got a taste of virtual reality in 2015; by the following year, I was traveling the world with Google, shooting projects for their Jump and Expeditions programs. I find this intersection of technology and cinema really compelling, so I'm currently building out a camera system and production workflow for my own company, Borderland VR.

I know how to make things work. How to make things beautiful, how to tell a visual story, how to get to the heart of what you want to say. If that sounds good to you, let's talk.

I’m represented by Greencard New York.